A Tale of Autumn (Eric Rohmer, 1998)

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"A Tale of Autumn"
(Eric Rohmer, 1998, 112 min, France, French w/ English subtitles, DCP)

Set in the Rhône Valley and taking full advantage of its golden vineyards, A Tale of Autumn concerns simultaneous schemes to find a new love for reserved winegrower and widow Magali. While Magali's son's girlfriend attempts to pair her with a former professor and lover, Magali's friend Isabelle assumes a false identity in order to bait eligible bachelor Gérald. The misunderstandings that follow are pure Rohmer in revealing the humor of human folly and foible.

"[Rohmer's] films are heavily, craftily plotted, and yet wear their plots so easily that we feel we're watching everyday life as it unfolds... Rohmer elegantly seduces us with people who have all of the alarming unpredictability of life." - Roger Ebert

"Sublimely warming... It isn't the story but the telling that makes ''Autumn'' such a rich, emotionally satisfying experience. As the five main characters reveal their fantasies and fears, each emerges as an astoundingly complex and fully rounded human being." - The New York Times

View trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3siFqyoovM

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