Courses of Study and Degree Requirements

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The MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts is a two-year degree program requiring 15 courses over 4 semesters: 10 required (Core) courses in prescribed sequence, and 5 electives. 

  • Studio Core courses: Documentary Fieldwork, Experiments in the Moving Image, Computational Media, Thesis Writing Workshop and Thesis Project Workshop.
  • Seminar Core courses: Continuity and Change in Experimental and Documentary Arts, Critique I-IV.
  • Electives complete the degree requirement minimum, with one required as supporting thesis research and preparation ("Methods").

Each student’s culminating project will be presented in a second year Spring MFA Exhibition. A written thesis on the project is also required.


  • Documentary Fieldwork (3 units) Exploration of the range of mediums and approaches to community-based documentary work that expresses both cultural/political realities through a personal point of view.
  • Computational Media (3 units) Experimental computational media techniques for graphics interactivity, and data visualization. Final project required.
  • Elective: Open (3 units)
  • Critique I (1 unit)


  • Experiments in the Moving Image (3 units) Techniques and methodologies of experimental film and video production. Final project required.  
  • Continuity and Change in Experimental and Documentary Arts (3 credits) Historical and conceptual survey of documentary studies with attention to experimental and artistic practices. Final paper required.
  • Elective: Open (3 units)
  • Critique II (1 unit)


  • Individual Thesis Research


  • Thesis Writing Workshop (3 units)
  • Elective: "Methods" (3 units) An elective supporting thesis research and preparation.
  • Elective: Open (3 units)
  • Critique III (1 unit)


  • Thesis Project Workshop (3 credits) Production and completion of thesis project.
  • Elective: Open (3 units)
  • Critique IV (3 units)