Screen/Society--Cine-East: East Asian Cinema-- Screenings and Conversations with South Korean Indy Film Collective PINKS--"Goodbye My Hero"

Monday, March 27, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:10pm

Film Screening: "Goodbye My Hero" (HAN Young-hee, 2016, 110 min, South Korea, in Korean w/ English subtitles, Color, Digital) / Hyun-woo is a school boy who wants to be as invisible as possible. He is filling in information in the school life report card with his father, who came home in a long while. His father is fighting against Ssang Yong Motors for years to be reinstated. However, it doesn't seem like his father's state has gotten any better. Why would his father keep going without any promising prospects? We wonder what answers Hyun-woo will get while he glimpses the real world watching his father. // Sponsored by the Academy of Korean Studies and the Duke Korea Forum.


White 107 (White Lecture Hall)